About the meeting

The Lome international meeting aims to federate the existing networks on the continent to make it an African Network of Experts in Public Procurement. This meeting will also prepare the High Level Forum on Public Procurement to be held in Dakar in 2019.


Mr. Kofi Agbe-Kekeli Kumodzi-Dzevi

Facilitator consultant

Mr. Felipe Goya

The World Bank’s Regional Procurement Manager for the Francophone and Lusaphone Africa

Mr. Naushad Khan

Retired lead procurement specialist of the World Bank. Consultant to the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank

Speaker 4

Meeting schedule

Schedule of the meeting of the African network of experts and professionals in public procurement

Official Opening Ceremony

Arrival and installation of participants and guests
Arrival and reception of members of the government
Arrival of the Minister of Economy and Finance
Installation of government members
Opening ceremony
-Welcome by the Mayor of Lomé City
-Address by the World Bank Resident Representative
-Address by the African Development Bank (AfDB) Resident Representative
-Address by the General Director of ARMP Interlude
-Opening speech by the Minister of Economy and Finance

  • 08 h 30 – 09 h 30
  • Place : Hôtel 2 Février

Coffee break, family photo and press briefing

  • 09 h 30 – 11 h 00
  • Place : Hôtel 2 Février


Setting up the Presidium
Introduction of the heads of delegation
Intervention of the World Bank (Mr. Felipe Goya)
Intervention of the African Development Bank
Presentation of draft statutory texts and setting up of committees
Presentation of draft statutory texts Setting up committees:
- Committee in charge of statutes
- Committee in charge of Rules of Procedure
- Committee in charge of resource mobilisation strategy
Lunch break
Committee work

  • 11 h 30 –17 h 30
  • Place : Hôtel 2 Février

Further work to be done

Submission and adoption of the statutory texts
Presentation of the reports of the committee work
Discussions and adoption of statutory texts
Coffee break

  • 09 h 00 – 11 h 30
  • Place : Hôtel 2 Février

Establishment of the Network Executive Committee

-Establishment of the ad hoc committee for the election of the Executive Committee
-Recap of the composition of the Executive Committee in accordance with the provisions of the Articles of Association
-Recap of the criteria for voters and eligibility of participants
-Presentation of the Executive's members Committee
-Message from the President of the Network
Exchanges on the orientation and probable period of Dakar's high level Forum
Closing ceremony
- Motion of appreciation
- Closing address
Cérémonie de clôture

  • 11h30 - 17h 00
  • Place : Hôtel 2 février


  • 19 h 00
  • Place : Hôtel Sarakawa

Sightseeing tours

  • 09h30 - 13h 00


  • 13h 00 - 15 h 00

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